Casa Creativa

The slightly different gallery

You are manufacturing arts and crafts but have no oppurtunity to expose for sale?


You would like to exhibit and sell your work but you do not have a showroom?


We have a creative solution for you!


“Casa Creativa” in Llucmajor

– located in the heart of the pedestrian zone (C/ Bisbe Taixaquet 60).


offers room and space to exhibit and to present your arts and crafts for sale.


How it works?


You rent an area, i.e. a shelf for 1 month o longer from only 13,00€.


You can now decorate and frame your rack according to your concept to present your work.


We are on site to sell your pieces of work. And you get the amount realised minus 20%.


If you are crafting jewellery, paintings, sculptures, leather goods or the like –

Casa Creativa” is the place.

You search something special for yourself or for your friends.


You want to buy art, but for the price from the artist and not from a expensive shop.


Than you are right in the "Casa Creativa".


Here you find handmade work from different artist and in different styles, like paintings, sculptures or more.

And everything is handmade from the creative people of the island.


You will like the ambient of the "Casa Creativa". The rooms in the old mallorquin House invite you to spent your time in the "Casa Creativa".


And we will be happy if we can help you to find the things you want.


And if it is not possible to come in the "Casa Creativa" than use the online shop and we send you what you want.


Also we invit you for the coming events, and you will see every time new creative work.


C/ Bisbe Taixaquet 60


zona peatonal


tel. 622 029 558










10:30-13:30 h


Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag

martes, miercoles, jueves 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


10:30 - 13:30 h






10-14 h